Fall 2020

Issue 26

The authors of our newest issue push and pull at language’s ability to explore the ties that bind us: to the natural world, ourselves, and each other. In this issue, you’ll read poetry that observes the orchestral dance of nature’s smaller creatures and poetry that magnifies the intrusions that halt such observation. You’ll find fiction that strives to archive the ever-changing world around us and both fiction and nonfiction that bravely confront the disappointments of our attachments while wondering what new forms of companionship might emerge through such shifting and loss. We are also excited to bring you five book reviews of recent independent titles, including a review of Nadeem Zaman’s first short story collection and a review of American Ash, AHP and CHR founding editor, Michael Simms’s newest collection of poems, reviewed by longtime CHR contributor, Gerry LaFemina.

Book Reviews