Issue 25

Summer 2020

Our newest issue offers pieces that tug at our heart-centers; works that span the ache of family and interpersonal relationships, to the myriad elements that fill bodies. This issue will take you on a visceral journey from head to heart to home—challenging readers to submerge themselves fully.

Issue 24

Winter 2020

The work in the Winter 2020 Issue of Coal Hill Review features a selection of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that are reflective and bold.

Issue 23

Fall 2019

Issue 23 emphasizes the reality of loss, discovery and wild nature of acceptance. Celebrate the agency of these emerging and established writers.

Issue 22

Summer 2019

Our extended summer issue includes two book reviews, an interview of Pittsburgh poet Robert Gibb, and brand new poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We're thrilled to have such a thematically diverse issue this season. Enjoy!

Issue 21

Winter 2019

In the 21st issue of Coal Hill Review, identity is explored by negotiating the boundaries of spaces and redefining place. Featuring the work of established and emerging writers such as Erinn Batykefer, Robert Yune, Jeremy Voigt, Maria Brandt, and Maggie Andersen.

Issue 20

Fall 2018

We're proud to release the first issue of our redesigned review! Check out our the fiction, nonfiction, and book reviews as well as poetry.

Issue 19

Summer 2017

Issue 19, Summer 2017, features poetry by Lesley Wheeler, Steve Bellin-Oka, Sonja James and more!

Issue 18

Summer 2016

Issue 18, Summer 2016, features fourteen poems by new and established writers explore a wide range of topics, including family, love, loss, memory, and grief.