Contributions by Samuel John Tieman

“Prayer For Marilyn Monroe”: brief discussion and translation

By | Poetics, Prose

A friend and student of Thomas Merton, Ernesto Cardenal is a Catholic priest in Nicaragua.  A proponent of Liberation Theology, Cardenal served as Minister Of Culture in the Sandinista government. The story goes that Rev. Cardenal wrote this poem right after reading, in an article in Time, of Marilyn Monroe’s death. For my part, I …

A Brief Guide to Pope Francis

By | John Samuel Tieman, Prose

A lot of my non-Catholic friends are asking me about Pope Francis. Whether Pope Francis is more popular than Jesus, this only time will tell. But he is popular. The Washington Post thinks he is more popular than John Paul II. He is Time magazine’s “Person Of The Year”. You’d think Catholics would be, dare …



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It occurs to me that this Saturday will mark forty-three years since I got out of The Nam. Forty-three years. On December 7th, 1970, I was only twenty years old. They say the military takes a boy, and turns him into a man. In truth, by the time I got out of the army, I …

A Commentary

By | John Samuel Tieman, Prose

Concerning public schools, we know all we need to know about educational reform. So what do teachers, principals and administrators know about reforming the public schools? Where do we begin? Four points. We need order in our schools. We need teachers to be empowered. We know that instruction should be individualized. We know that we …