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On Hearing that Flora the Elephant has Retired from the Circus

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I’ve been asked to write a poem for Circus Flora. Flora is the eponymous African elephant, now in retirement. Here’s my first try: Tanka For Flora Now in retirement Flora contemplates her life — the circus — the kids — she recalls Africa and knows somewhere — somewhere out there — An assignment like this …


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There once was a man named Osama Who got shot in his pajamas. The lesson to tell: Unless you’re Michelle You don’t fuck with Obama. _____

Dad’s Rhymes

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My dad, Frank Roper, was a caterer and a versifier of sorts. Here’s my dad’s rhyme to my sister Debbie on the topic of defensive driving: Here lies Debbie, who died one day, While trying to maintain the right-of-way. She was right, dead right, as she drove along, But she’s just as dead as if …