Contributions by Dawn Roper

On Eagle’s Wings

By | Prose

After a confused and slightly panicked phone call from my husband on September 11, 2001, I turned on CNN and didn’t turn it off for the next three weeks. I was alone and watching live when the plane went into the second building. While thousands streamed on foot away from the unfolding disaster, thousands more …


By | Prose

During the recent State of the Union Address, while President Obama was talking about the need to bring more and better jobs to America, in the background one of the reporters talked about a rumored conversation between the President and Steve Jobs, in which Jobs was quoted as saying offshore jobs “aren’t coming back.” Later …

Dad’s Rhymes

By | Humor, Prose

My dad, Frank Roper, was a caterer and a versifier of sorts. Here’s my dad’s rhyme to my sister Debbie on the topic of defensive driving: Here lies Debbie, who died one day, While trying to maintain the right-of-way. She was right, dead right, as she drove along, But she’s just as dead as if …