Contributions by Phoebe Ann Cirio

Art, Politics And Aztecs

By & | John Samuel Tieman, Prose

Nothing feels benign anymore. That’s the lesson of terrorism. Planes used to be safe — flying used to be fun! So were movies and restaurants. Everything feels wrong. We can land a rover on Mars, but our kids can’t pass math. We esteem yesterday over today and tomorrow. Major religions seem rigid. Many folks find …

Nancy Pagh’s No Sweeter Fat

By & | John Samuel Tieman, Prose

Literature teachers are often want to say that anything can be made the subject of poetry.   And this is the collection that proves that point.   From diets to seafood to the treadmill, Nancy Pagh’s No Sweeter Fat makes the reader laugh, cry and reflect, often in the same poem. Concerning style, Pagh often evokes Walt …