Issue 29 | Spring 2022

Postcard from New York

How like me to think you’d keep that postcard—
that remembrance of a place we’d been together,
though, of course, the towers are missing

and I there missing you,
on a bench at a bus stop
on my way to The Met.

Perhaps I should have waited, sent a photo
of Seated Nude Holding a Flower,
that Miró painting you always loved,
when you loved me, then loved me not,

her ample flesh so yellow, pink and green,
and blue,
that tiny daisy resting on her knee,
its petals still intact.

                               in reference to “Seated Nude Holding a Flower” by Joan Miró (1917)
                               on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Filed under: Poetry

Bonnie Wehle’s work has been published in Heron Tree Literary Journal, River Heron Review, HerWords/Black Mountain Press, Valley Voices, Red Rock Review, Sky Islands Journal, and elsewhere. Her chapbook of poems in women’s voices is forthcoming (Summer 2022) from Finishing Line Press. Bonnie lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she serves as a docent at the University of Arizona Poetry Center and facilitates a monthly poetry discussion group with the County Library.