Rubik’s Final

My kids are all playing with Rubik’s Cubes, practicing for their final exam.

To make the school look good — since we probably won’t pass the state test — the school has decided to set the new world’s record for the most number of folks solving, within five minutes, Rubik’s Cube. So all the kids who take science and math, meaning mostly the whole school, will do the puzzle for the final. All at once.

There’s also weekly progress tests on the Cube. And homework on the Cube. All of which makes a big chunk of a semester grade based on the Cube.

But at least the school will be good at something.

As for the kids who are bad at Rubik’s Cube, the kids I identify with, let’s just say that mine is the only school whose lawn is littered with Rubik’s Cubes flung from various windows.

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