Contributions by Alison Taverna

Book Review: THE STUNTMAN by Brian Laidlaw

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The Stuntman Poems by Brian Laidlaw Milkweed Editions, 2015 $16.00 Brian Laidlaw’s proves himself a fearless, acrobatic poet in The Stuntman. Bold and unapologetic, the poems weave layers of lyrical images amidst logic. Described as a literary miner, Laidlaw is both playful and somber. Realistic inside the imaginary. This complexity, so fluid throughout the collection, …


By | Alison Taverna, Book Review, Prose

The Brentwood Anthology Poems by members of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange edited by Judith R. Robinson and Michael Wurster LUMMOX Press, 2014 $15.00 Since re-locating from Boston to Pittsburgh in 2009, I’ve noticed a commonality among Pittsburghers: they like creating against a rough background. They like growing art out of the soot, finding alternative beauty …

Book Review: ALL THAT YELLOW by Chuck Kinder

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All That Yellow Poems by Chuck Kinder Low Ghost Press, 2014 $8.00 Kinder’s debut poetry collection All That Yellow studies the “last spoke of yellowish, old-timey photograph light alone.” These poems remind me of the saying the more we remember something, the more we forget. Kinder preserves memories, crafts poems that travel wide spaces of …

Book Review: WANTING IT by Diana Whitney

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Wanting It Poems by Diana Whitney Harbor Mountain Press, 2014 $15.00 Whitney ends the second section of her four-section collection, Wanting It, with these lines: My fear? …that the room keeps me safe and boils me down, makes me an offer of soup-bone, ash. That I’ll never leave here. That I’ll leave. As someone who …

Book Review: RIVER HOUSE by Sally Keith

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River House Poems by Sally Keith Milkweed Editions, 2015 $16.00 In her fourth poetry collection, River House, Sally Keith straddles this world—oriented, logical, with the world of grief—timeless, aimless, consuming. All sixty-three poems are elegies to the speaker’s mother, even though she confesses “I used to like to teach a course on elegy, / But …

Book Review: THE GREENHOUSE by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet

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The Greenhouse Poems by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet Bull City Press, 2014 $14.00 Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet’s second poetry collection, The Greenhouse, reflects on the complex nature of motherhood. Stonestreet’s narrator, a new mother, lives on the bridge between tenderness and restlessness, magic and restriction. Her body once inseparable from the emerging life inside is now distinct, …

Book Review: The Insomniac’s Weather Report
by Jessica Goodfellow

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The Insomniac’s Weather Report Poems by Jessica Goodfellow Isobar Press, 2014 $15.00 Jessica Goodfellow’s book The Insomniac’s Weather Report tumbles into a world of water, semi-consciousness, and circular logic. The collection is divided into four sections and these divisions seem to offer the only real stability in the work. To hold onto anything here is …

Book Review: Discontinued Township Road
by Abby Chew

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Discontinued Township Roads Poems by Abby Chew Word Poetry, 2013 $18.00 “The Earth doesn’t bleed the way we do. / It’s a different skin. I like knowing — blood flows all ways,” writes Abby Chew in Discontinued Township Roads. Chew’s speaker walks down awestruck, brutal, and unforgiving roads, a country human in its sufferings, but …