Contributions by Jessica Smith

Book Review: WHITE VESPA by Kevin Oderman

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White Vespa by Kevin Oderman Etruscan Press, 2012 $16.00 Running from one’s problems doesn’t mean they are left behind and oftentimes there are new troubles waiting. In White Vespa, Myles travels to Greece to distance himself from the pain of his disintegrating family only to find himself mired in the complications of two siblings with …

Book Review: FUGITIVE COLORS by Lisa Barr

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Fugitive Colors by Lisa Barr Arcade Publishing, 2014 $24.95 Set in Europe on the cusp of World War II, Lisa Barr’s Fugitive Colors is the story of Julian Klein, a boy who breaks free from a culture and lifestyle not conducive to his art by moving across the Atlantic, from Chicago to Paris, to grow …