Contributions by Liane Ellison Norman

Book Review: Madbooks

By | Poetics, Prose

MadBooks is an imprint of Carlow University’s Madwomen in the Attic Program. The brainchild of Professor Jan Beatty, head of Carlow’s writing program and instructor of several Madwomen in the Attic courses (for non-matriculated students) during the regular school year, MadBooks has now published eight collections of poetry, the first in 2008, the most recent …

Book Review: Mine by Susan Sailer

By | Book Review, Prose

Mine by Susan Sailer Finishing Line Press 2012. $14 Is it presumptuous for a woman poet, also a retired Professor of Irish and British literature, to speak in the voices of West Virginia miners, their wives and children? Susan Sailer, in her new chapbook, Mine, is anything but presumptuous. She has done voluminous research into …