Memo (I Couldn’t Make This Up)

by Publius


Dear Colleagues,

Please note that, for the rest of the academic year, if you need anything printed, you need to go to the men’s bathroom.

As you know, our departmental printer broke. And, as you may also know, as a cost-cutting measure, the district fired all but one printer repair person. Which means he can only get to one school at a time, which also pretty much means he only gets to each school once a year.

Unfortunately, this year his manifest read “Room 125,” the men’s bathroom, rather than “Room 215,” our work room. Thus was the new printer installed in the men’s bathroom.

For the sake of the ladies in the department, in order to pick-up and distribute copies, I would like to suggest that the gentlemen start rotating their bathroom breaks on an hourly basis. I’ll post a schedule in the bathroom/printer room.