Issue 11

Summer 2012

Poems jut from the thresholds of Issue 11. Brian Heston, Jennifer Soule, Rachel Andoga, Deborah Flanagan, Arne Weingart, Nellie Hill, Heather McNaugher, Duncan Campbell, Jeanine Stevens, and a collaborative poem between Walter Bargen and John Samuel Tieman round out Summer 2012's Coal Hill Review.

Issue 10

Winter 2012

For this issue, we’re offering an online version of Matthew Terhune's Batthouse Betty, winner of the 2011 Coal Hill Review Chapbook Prize

Issue 9

Summer 2011

Issue 9 features poems that pivot around death, war, and wounds. Featuring seven poems and six poets, including Michael Minassian, Rosemary Royston, Wendy Xu, Violeta Garcia-Mendoza, Elaine Zimmerman, and Peggy Ann Tartt.

Issue 8

Winter 2011

For this issue, we’re offering an online version of Gigi Marks' Shelter, winner of the 2010 Coal Hill Review Chapbook Prize

Issue 6

Winter 2010

For this issue, we’re offering an online version of Gailmarie Pahmeier's Shake It and It Snowswinner of the 2009 Coal Hill Review Chapbook Prize.

Issue 5

Summer 2009

Issue 5 includes several translated poems as well as poems from Autumn House poets, Chana Bloch and Jo McDougall.

Issue 4

Winter 2009

For this issue, we're offering an online version of James Tyner's The Ghetto Exorcist, winner of the 2008 Coal Hill Review Chapbook Prize.