Winter 2014

Issue 14

Enjoy online excerpts from Peter Schireson’s The Welter of Me and You, winner of the 2013 Coal Hill Review Chapbook Prize.

“Schireson is an imaginative, humane observer of reality. In these poems he describes women in old movies “wearing hats as big / as braising pans,” and sparrows standing on a window ledge with such poise, they remind him of ballerinas at the barre. Schireson s poems are tender and often funny. But above all, they are full of honest intelligence. This is an exciting debut.”
—James Arthur

“Peter Schireson writes wry, wise, complex poems about the joyful impossibility of relationship. How we can be intimate and unknown to each other at the same time – and that the two may depend on each other. These precise poems thrill with generosity and appreciation.”
—Norman Fischer