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Book Review: KARANKAWA by Iliana Rocha

By | Book Review, Dakota Garilli

Karankawa Poems by Iliana Rocha Pitt Poetry Press, 2015 $15.95 The most striking element of Iliana Rocha’s debut poetry collection Karankawa—in addition to its lavish Día de los Muertos-inspired Betty Boop cover by sculptor Michael Brown—is that it perfectly articulates the disorienting strangeness of grief. “I hear you died as beautifully / as a yellow …

On a Poetic Voice

By | Blog Archives, Gerry LaFemina, Poetics, Prose

Many years ago PBS ran a series of television shows about American poetry called Voices & Visions. Each episode focused on one great American poet, and I think that name, Voices & Visions sums up nicely what poetry becomes about for each of us who write it. Voice and vision share a symbiotic relationship within …

Book Review: INTERSTATE by Chard deNiord

By | Alison Taverna, Book Review, Prose

Interstate Poems by Chard deNiord Pitt Poetry Press, 2015 $15.95 The word interstate can be defined as involving, existing between, or connecting two or more separate states. Often this links to the physical—a road we travel in our beat-up 87 Volkswagen, windows down, crossing state boarders in summer skin. But in Chard deNiord’s newest poetry …

Book Review: BOY WITH THORN by Ricky Laurentiis

By | Book Review, Dakota Garilli, Prose

Boy with Thorn Poems by Rickey Laurentiis Pitt Press, 2015 $15.95 “There are eyes, glasses even, but still he can’t see / what the world sees seeing him.” In Rickey Laurentiis’ stunning debut collection, Boy with Thorn (winner of the 2014 Cave Canem Poetry Prize), readers are presented with an America where the questions are always …

Book Review: WHEN THE MEN GO OFF TO WAR by Victoria Kelly

By | Alison Taverna, Book Review, Prose

When the Men Go Off to War Poems by Victoria Kelly Naval Institute Press, 2015 Hardcover, $27.95 It’s convenient to think wars are distant worlds across the sea. To think of them as containable and separate, only affecting the lives of soldiers and the towns they occupy. It’s convenient to limit the loss. But here, in …

Book Review: EMMETT TILL IN DIFFERENT STATES by Dr. Philip C. Kolin

By | Book Review, C.L. Bledsoe

Emmett Till in Different States Poems by Dr. Philip C. Kolin Third World Press, 2015 $18.95 A friend asked me the other day if I thought the world was ending. She was drowning in the constant-seeming reports of violence in the news, on college campuses, in the streets of major cities, violence so often targeting …

Issue 18 | Summer 2016

Camp, 1978

By | Prose

She sits on the splintered wooden steps, alone. The smell of wet canvas Mixes with a breeze off the lake. Behind her, six cots, Striped mattresses cottony and thick. She lays out her plaid sleeping bag, Dislodges a scab and brings it to her mouth, watches them retreat: Mother, stepfather, stray younger siblings.  Her little …

Issue 18 | Summer 2016

Picking the Lock

By | Prose

I try a bleached bird-bone, a rutted nail, my grandmother’s spoon ring uncurled in fire, a sharp pine-needle waxed in resin, the slim spine of his favorite book, until he cries.   I ask the wimpled ghosts if the key is a word to place it on my tongue, please, place it here.   Megan …