Back to School

Mr. Eagleton is scheduling his classes according to the National Weather Service. He’s not from here. So he comes into my room, and asks me about “the rainy season”. He doesn’t have any shades on his windows, so his plans to show movies on days when it’s overcast.

Depending on where you are in the building today, there’s either a cold snap or a heat wave. Some rooms actually have frost on the inside of their windows. In others, it’s a bit more like the Mekong Delta on a balmy day.

No one’s schedule is fixed, even though students will be here on Monday. I think I’m going to be teaching Freshman English and Junior English, but I could be teaching history. Or astrophysics, for all I know. I’ll likely have about 150 students. But, if all my nightmares align themselves with Jupiter and Mars, I could have 250.

Since the Social Studies Department is short two teachers, those students are being dumped into other classes. Given that, Mr. North is looking into the possibility of using the auditorium for his classes.

We’ve got professional development planned for all day tomorrow. Tomorrow’s subject? How to write the lesson plan. There’s a new form. Actually it’s the old form, but now it’s online, and has electronic links which, when I looked it up, don’t work. Which is OK, because nobody reads this stuff anyway. A lot of folks turn in the exact same lesson plan all year, and just change the date.

Speaking of which, I had to apologize to my buddies. We were emailed explicit instructions to, “at a minimum”, write in the correct year and correct school for our professional development plans. I’ve been turning in the same one for almost ten years now. I just now realized that my form was dated 2001-2002, and was from my old school. My bad, my bad …

And it’s only 9 AM.


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