Issue 25

Summer 2020

Our Summer 2020 Issue demands that we pay attention; the pieces within ask us to intrude and listen. In this issue’s selection of poems, you’ll read pieces that attend to the wildness of daily life and explore experiences that range from sorrow and abandonment to wonder and urgent joy. In the fiction, you’ll find two speakers who are searching for something, though their process takes them on very different journeys, while our nonfiction engages with large life questions in gentle and nuanced prose. We’re also excited to include two book reviews, including one of a local poet published by the University of Pittsburgh Press and one former contributor to Coal Hill Review.

Featured Content from Issue 25

Issue 25 | Summer 2020

Via Negativa

By | Book Review

A review of July Westhale's newest poetry collection Via Negativa published by Kore Press, reviewed by Michael Mercurio

Issue 25 | Summer 2020

Sorrow of Friday Night

By | Poetry

Finished ironing, I emptied extra water onto cement, reluctant to climb stairs back into claustrophobic caregiving.

Issue 25 | Summer 2020

Blue Light

By | Fiction

This September afternoon, though, she was bored in the house, eager to put off the task of making dinner—tacos yet again, Roy’s favorite, which meant dicing tomatoes, chopping onions, grating cheese, frying mediocre ground beef from the local Acme that stank at first with an aroma only the dog could appreciate.

Issue 25 | Summer 2020

Xyliphius Sofiae

By | Poetry

Imagine the gall not to need light at all, as if you, blindcat, were not breaking the surface of a subterranean lake, but floating in outer space.