Issue 29

Spring 2022

The 29th issue of Coal Hill Review examines a kaleidoscope of loss and the ways in which people face their realities and reckon with them. From fiction that explores the loss of innocence to nonfiction that records the fracturing of communities as old ways of existing clash with new ideas, and poetry that moves across thresholds and states of being, this issue traverses wide scopes of emotion with clarity and poignancy. Our pieces examine flaws and failures with open arms, and while there may not always be solutions to the ways people harm themselves or others, each work brings forth a cathartic expression of creativity in the face of decay.

Featured Content from Issue 29

Issue 29 | Spring 2022

Personal Diary: Same Day, Same Month, Different Year

By | Fiction

Public riot provided by the audience. “You call that music? You call that ballet? You call that art? Let’s scream so loud, the dancers can’t hear the music. Let’s throw punches and fall into the orchestra pit.” And they do.

Issue 29 | Spring 2022

Protest Central

By | Nonfiction

The morning of the actual protest, I passed out snacks and water, but spent 90% of my day patrolling the crowd, looking for bad actors. One kid came into the store early to drop off a donation. He wasn’t with anybody. And his entire face was covered. Like, fully wrapped. Protestors were wearing face coverings, but this felt odd to me. We had everyone who donated sign a registry, so we could send thank you notes. But when I asked, “Do you want to sign the registry?” He said, “Nope.” And just walked away. Way away. 

Issue 29 | Spring 2022

Wasabi and the Crow

By | Poetry

Alone on the beach under an empty sky, it all comes clear. You promised me vastness— and delivered, even before your irrevocable exit.

Issue 29 | Spring 2022


By | Poetry

More than once he died, the inside light behind him spitting up red. Already the maps dissolve like my mother going home, but showing up at the wrong house.