Issue 27

Winter 2021

The 27th issue of Coal Hill Review features work that explores the self and connection to one’s family, as well as the nature of decay. This issue’s writers delve into these ideas with curiosity and poignancy. Join them as they unravel what it means to know oneself, even the darkest parts.

This winter, we find ourselves the ones falling from the bird’s nest, learning new lessons, wandering the natural world, and mourning the way people fade until they’re gone. We hope you enjoy moving through this season’s work as much as we did.

Featured Content from Issue 27

Issue 27 | Winter 2021

In the Country House of Ash and Broken Glass

By | Fiction

My wife’s uncle lived in a county known for exporting glass, colored sand, and lung disease. When I said the time had come to export her uncle Clarence to a place where professionals could tend him, Misty threw a bronze statue of a cat at me. I ducked, and it demolished our mantlepiece display: a village of ceramic, Victorian houses with quaint, frock-coated residents. I swept up the shrapnel while Misty drew up the grocery list.

Issue 27 | Winter 2021

The Oracle of Thompson Street: Remembering Samuel Menashe

By | Nonfiction

Dumbstruck, I felt like I’d just been hit in the gut by a bowling ball. Could it be the very same Samuel Menashe from Chautauqua? The old man with the suspenders and hair like lemon meringue?
C Pope - Author Photo

Why I Didn’t Go to Your Funeral

By | Book Review

Nobody made a sound. Someone I loved was gone and it was hard to pretend, it was foolish to be preoccupied by the business of expression.

Issue 27 | Winter 2021


By | Fiction

The scrubs are itchy and tight and he feels ridiculous with the stethoscope draped around his neck. He wonders if it is real but he would feel even more ridiculous putting it in his ears, pressing whatever the thing is called on his chest, listening for the soft bump of his own heartbeat. He wonders how much of his life has been spent in exactly this way, standing to the side, offstage, waiting for the Rabbit to show him up again.